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Vince Winteregg  Owner | Designer

Elements Design Co. is a unique full service Interior Design firm located in Clearwater Florida. We serve clients all over the Tampa Bay Area and Nationwide. We also offer custom Italian and American made cabinetry.  We have  a network of trusted professionals that we work with to ensure our clients get the best possible product. Our team can also provide custom 3D CAD Renderings for any project, which service we provide for all of our design clients as well as other designers and builders.



We use the latest technology in 3D visualization to give you the most realistic representation of what your space will look like before construction ever begins. This is a helpful tool in being able to visualize all of your selections in the space ahead of time.


We start every project we do with a good set of space plans to first make sure the space is laid out optimally and flows well.


We source custom cabinetry, counters, and any other finish you need for your home renovation project. We are here to help you select all of your finishes and help pull them all together.
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